Saturday, September 13, 2014

finding the right table clothes/ Liturgical clothes for our prayer tables

I don't know how many of you sew, or have time to sew...I love to sew- but I don't have enough time it seems ;) But I can't pass up a good deal on the right tableclothes when they are $.99 from a thrift store. We just got lucky last week and picked up some tableclothes that will make excellent seasonal Liturgical clothes for all our tables. I like the old looking stuff personally- I know that may not be some people's taste.

   It's sort of hard finding solid green tableclothes period but a tableclothe that happens to be the right size, and then also red or purple. I think the red and purple ended up being table runners. YOu could also search for flat non ruffled window valances. We also found some white lace table runners/ doilies in different sizes to layer. 

kids table updated with lace doily

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