Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free Catholic audio books! Angel Food series, Wopsy the Angel, Eva K. Betz and Neil Boyton's books, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, First Communion Days

You know all those nice books I snapped a picture of a few weeks ago from the Neumann Press Catholic 4-sight Edition? Guess what?!?! They are all online and free! Just have a look at the titles here. I also put the website at the bottom of the post. One rare book A Crown for Joanna- yup good luck finding a copy of that! It's on here too. Outlaws of Ravenhurst, Eva K. Betz, Boyton, Brother Ernest books...all there. Thank goodness a woman in our homeschool group came across this! What a blessing for us all. (editing update- tonight she sent around another site here with more free book downloads.)

Here's some of the book names

Bible History/Life of Christ
Stories from God’s Holy Book by Josephine Looney
My Bible History: Old Testament by Bishop Morrow
Jesus of Nazareth, the Story of His Life Simply Told by Mother Mary Loyola
A Crown for Joanna by Sister Mary Jean Dorcy
Priest on Horseback by Eva K. Betz
The Man Who Fought the Devil by Eva K. Betz (St. John Marie Vianney)
Knight of Molokai by Eva K. Betz (Father Damien)
The Quiet Flame by Eva K. Betz (Mother Marianne of Molokai)
Yankee at Molokai by Eva. K. Betz (Brother Dutton)
God’s Troubadour (St. Francis of Assisi) by Sophie JewettIn God’s Garden (Saint stories)
Outlaws of Ravenhurst by Sister M. Imelda Wallace
A Candle for Our Lady by Regina Victoria Hunt
Killgloom Park by Neil Boyton, S.J.
Wupsy, the Adventures of a Guardian Angel by Rev. Gerard F. Scriven
You can find all these and more on this website. 

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