Saturday, September 13, 2014

Getting started on our Marian Grotto

I showed you all our field trip to the statuary store a month or two ago. I brought home a heavy, heavy grotto and a heavy statue of the Virgin Mary. She has been resting in our garage since waiting patiently for our landscaping to be worked on.
We finally got our Lovely Lady in blue out of the garage today. My husband created a nice simple little sanctuary for her out back where we had some wasted space against the house. He reused our old pile of bricks we store out from some old landscaping to create a border. He buried the grotto an inch or two to keep it from tipping (although I think it weighs around 200 pounds plus the weight of Mary on the base of it- I doubt it would tip). I sprayed her down with cement sealer- hopefully that will keep her paint looking lovely all the time. 

   We have some fun fun plans for the Marian Grotto. It will just take time. But at least we can start enjoying our Mary garden before it gets really cold.  Here's my St. Francis out by the front driveway. He sits on an old dead cedar stump. There is a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus out front as well in the garden. All of our gardens are bare mostly since we just put them in. Hoping to get them whipped into shape soon.

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