Thursday, September 25, 2014

My audio book list- going off my various syllabus' lists

It's hard to find time to read- meaning be sitting still and have your kids sit still and listen. Books take a few hours to read. Having a husband gone long hours leaves little time to get help with the reading. I am so so glad a friend sent us the link to LibriVox last week. This gets an extra book in when I can't be available to sit on the couch!

Burgess books seem to all be there.

Prickly Porky
Reddy Fox
Chatterer the Red Squirrel
Buster Bear
Danny Meadow Mouse
Jimmy Skunk
Jerry Muskrat
Grandfather Frog
Lightfoot the Deer
Mr. Mocker
Paddy Beaver
Johnny Chuck
Mrs. Quack
Blacky the Crow
Bowser the Hound
Happy Jack
Old Mother West Wind

Edith Nesbitt
The Railway Children

Hans Christian Anderson
The Fir Tree
The Nightingale

Sister Mary Imelda Wallace
The Outlaws of Ravenhurst

Eva K. Betz- There are a few of her books on there- says it's in progress so I would check back.

A Sister of Notre Dame
First Communion Days
A Story for First Communicants

Children's Treasure Box Books
Wopsy the Angel

Beatrix Potter- all of her animal books

Grimm Brothers were there but I didn't have time to figure out which was in English.

Howard Pyle
Pepper and Salt

Charles Perrault- I would imagine having some illustrations would be nice with these though too.
Cinderella and other various fairy tales

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