Monday, September 29, 2014

October Book list

Oh there is so much feasting to be done this week! It's getting exciting around here!  There is an audio link you will want to listen to below too for the Feasts of the Guardian Angels! Also for St. Therese the audio version of her book.

October book list

Memorial of St. Therese Of Lisieux  Feast Day Oct 1

The're'se of Lisieux: Little Flower of Love

Memorial Guardian Angels Feast Day Oct. 2nd

Memorial  of St. Francis   Feast Day Oct. 4- sorry for the long list- he's out patron saint this year- so we are studying him. They are all good books, to many to list
St. Francis of Assisi- Lovasik
Francis Poor Man of Assisi- Paola- look for book- it's around
St. Francis of Assisi, Keeper of Creation

Our Lady of the Rosary  Feast Day Oct. 7th -see list on Oct. 13th

St. Cainnic (Kenneth)  Feast Day Oct. 11

Fatima  Feast Day Oct. 13th- Good day for a Feast Day party with friends

St. Edward (The Confessor)  Feast Day Oct.  13

Memorial of St. Teresa Of Avila   Feast Day Oct 15
Saints for Girls- stickers

St. Gall  Feast Day Oct 16

Memorial of Ignatius of Antioch  Feast Day Oct. 17th

St. Gerard Majella  Feast Day Oct.16

Gerard Majella: Guardian of Mothers (Saints and Me!) 

Memorial St. Luke the Evangelist  Feast Day Oct. 18th
St. Jude, St. Simon the Zealot  Feast Day Oct. 28

St. Colman MacDuagh  Feast Day Oct. 29

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