Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Gregorian Chant cake in honor of Saint Gregory the Great!

Saint Gregory's feast day was on September 3rd.  And since we are learning chant this year and participating in this wonderful free Sacred Music study, it seemed appropriate to celebrate his feast day. Many great things in our church can be attributed to St. Gregory. Did you know that while leading a procession in Rome during the plague (to pray for a stop to the plague) Saint Michael appeared to the procession in the sky, and once Saint Michael thrust his sword into it's scabbard the plague ceased. 80 some people died in the procession's ranks.
   Please feel free to laugh at my feast day cake- you can find a better example on Catholic Cuisine's website. I couldn't find those stupid little Betty Crocker frosting tips in my kitchen drawers- I am thinking I threw them out during the move back in July. So my "DEO Gratias" looks terrible. We all laughed here at home. My son Knox told me it would have been better if I wrote in pencil because he said my handwriting is better! lol  It was a Duncan Hines strawberry cake with white cream cheese frosting. Pretty yummy even with bad handwriting!

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