Monday, September 8, 2014

Our kid's prayer table, a designated place for religious items.

  Ever wonder where to display all your kids cute Catholic stuff? Ever notice little boys and girls like to collect junk on their dressers- maybe you want a better way to display it? Also wonder how to get them into the habit of kneeling down during prayer?
I will tell you what worked for me. For kneeling at bedtime, we got those foam garden knee saver things for kneelers last year. The kids each decorated them and they helped us get into the habit of kneeling for bedtime prayer- that was on a carpeted floor. Now that our new house has all wood floors- boy we love them even more now!

  The kids have their special table/night stand they kneel at for prayer. It is designated for their holy/blessed items only. It has some guardian angel pictures on the walls around it and a crucifix and a holy water fount near by too as well. They also keep a couple of little boxes for special Catholic jewelry or tiny items and an extra bottle of holy water on the table. They rotate their statues. 
Let them arrange their items- don't do it for them. Allow them to decide how to place things on their table. They will enjoy it when they pray if it's their way and they are happy- no arguments during prayer right?

You can use those cute little book displays to rotate holy cards every few months to keep the table looking updated to the kids.

Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

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