Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Praying the Rosary daily

   Ever think about praying a daily rosary?  I know...we have lots going on, some of you reading this homeschool your ten kids, plan birthdays- which averages to one a month at least, change diapers, we clean house, make meals and grocery shop, run kids around to appointments or sports, or music lessons, laundry and just plain feel pooped at the end of the day and need to just have a glass of wine and relax and talk to the hubs right, or maybe finally get to take a shower?
   How could Mary our Mother possibly expect a busy mom to say a daily rosary? How can she knowing all the things mom's do during the day, even ask any mom to say a rosary.  Being a mother herself, surely she doesn't really mean, say an entire rosary...just maybe a decade.
  Well we all know the Fatima message by now, "Pray the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain peace in the world . . . for she alone can save it." (Our Lady, July 13, 1917) So yes, she asked us to do it, even us busy Catholic moms even the ones who work full time outside of the home..she means you too.
   How do we do this? How can we meet this request? Odds are, you can think back today or a couple days to when one of your sweet children gave you perfect obedience in the midst of some emotional storm or perhaps even just did it when things were calm. Remember that really good feeling you got emotionally, (hopefully you had time to give that kid a hug) but that sweetness you feel and see in your child's voice and eyes and their gestures, you felt their best and perfect love.
   Do you remember feeling some sort of perfect friction free equilibrium deep down or empathy with that child? Rouse those feelings again and imitate that...as peaceful as your child was and imitate and offer that obedience to our Lady and our Lord. Imitate that feeling of giving it all, perfectly in love, use that as fuel to make a habit of saying a daily rosary. It takes conscious effort, but it can be done. We are told in the Gospel unless we become like little children we cannot enter Heaven.
   Right now our world need the rosary more than ever. IF you can commit..join the Confraternity. Pray for peace! Pray for my special intentions too please ;)

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