Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Have you see this funny movie trailer from Holy Heroes?

Well I think we watched it alone about ten times this afternoon, then we watched the Advent video  a few times, and then of course the 31st Sunday Gospel video.  But seriously check out the cute movie trailer- I think Holy Heroes needs to keep rolling with it. 

Their stuff is on sale right now for the Advent Adventure. You can buy their books and get a Jesse Tree DVD  or just try it out for free by signing up. The Jesse Tree changed things in our house...forever. It helped me and my kids stay focused.

If you are interested in Advent activities NOW is the time to get signed up because come closer to Thanksgiving you will be busier- and you may just forget.  If you can get a set of Jesse Tree ornaments now before the Advent rush that last part of November, go for it. There are sometimes Jesse Tree Ornament Swaps online you can join (we did last year), or you can just make your own too. Make you kids mangers now too before it's too deep into Advent to get their full spiritual benefit.  

To get an idea or two on what you can do to keep focused on Advent during Advent, and not skip straight to Christmas as the secular world does, click on the tabs below my post below the comments where there are file folder names.

Happy Feast of St Jude!

My home parish growing up was St. Jude, now we are there again. Happy Feast Day!

The cute little St. Jude banner is a prize for our homeschool All Saint's Day party they are super cheap at $.09 each!! They are about gone!

We also got our completed our first dozen eggs- thank you God for blessing one of our hens! MMM...chocolate eggs as Genna would say.

Monday, October 27, 2014

when making Saint Peg dolls- don't use sharpies, use Paint Pens or Paint Markers

Mother Teresa Mascara Malfunction

I love the blue stripes on this peg doll!  My hand could not have done that patient work at all! But poor Mother Teresa looks sad now, I will repaint her face and redo it in regular paints- another day, (these were from the Saint trade last year, I finally got around to clear coating them). 
Mother Teresa and another one of my girl saints who were painted in their white habits were getting lots and lots of paint scuffs from being handled by kids. The clear coat protects their paint job. This is an example of a sharpie face after the clear polyurethane spray was applied. For whatever reason, Sharpie markers run, but the Paint Pens or Paint Markers do not. So be sure and save yourself a huge groan and use the paint markers (they have them at Walmart). 

I have seen people clear coat with Modge Podge- if your children are playing with the wood peg dolls (which I hope they are) the Modge Podge cracks off if they are rough- this was a word of advice from my sister who has made many many of these Saint Peg Dolls.  Modge Podge also sticks to things. Just get any old polyurethane furniture at Home Depot and it will put a nice clear coat on them. Then the flat paints  you took so much time to apply won't be damaged and scraped up. And polyurethane lasts forever and can be wiped clean.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Saint Spinner works! Check out the video.

My dad mounted the Saint ABC wheel I made the other day. Here it is!

My saints were purchased from Catholic Icing's blog. The circle table top had to be painted- it was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. My dad carefully nailed the nails in after I modge podged the saints on.

Working on the flapper ticker thing made from a milk carton.

Brenden hiding in Grandpa's garage...no doubt finding Grandpa's lost tools

I digress...getting a ride in the mower around the Fisher botanical garden's...

Okay, after realizing how beautiful my mom's flowers were, we headed home. Shortly after Grandpa showed up with this!

On my Google page, the video is upright and not sideways...I can't figure out this editing..blogging woes!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Working on All Saints Day Party for our homeschool group

My little chicken helpers (I have some country peace- hard to believe if you have seen where I live)

  At the end of September was asked to head up our homeschool group's All Saints Day party. I had already planned to contribute and bring some games, one being our St. Peter's Fishing Pond from last year, and this new one, Trinitas (Trinity Toss) Bean bags (my husband made both). But since I was now heading it up, we added a cake walk, and a Halo Toss (pop toss with halos). So needless to say, I have been harassing my dad to help since poor Brad was busy constructing my chicken's coop, now he's painting our house ;)  The other games that are going to be used at the party are being created by other parents who have agreed to volunteer. I can't wait to see what they have come up with!

Before I started it was just raw brown wood. (At first he thought I wanted washer size holes, so he started making those, so I had to re-explain. But no need to waste the wood, the little holes will be for a washers game some other day we will work on that)

 I used modge podge.

Today I put a black pin strip around the green triangle. Each kid gets to toss 3 bean bags, and then you win a prize if you get one in. I found some awesome prizes on Autom's website..I love Autom.

My cake walk saints for the Angel Food Cake Walk- they are printables from Catholic Icing. Absolutely adorable to cut out!




"Angel Food Cake Walk"  I think the next time I make the sign I will enlarge the printing options on the printer to make the letters bigger.

The way the cake walk will work is there will be a set number of Saints laid out on the floor. I laminated the same Saints and made large cards out of them basically. When the music ("When the Saints go Marching In") starts people march around the circle of Saints and when the music stops the people stop on a Saint. The game volunteer then spins the Saint wheel and whichever Saint it stops on determines the winner.   The winner gets to pick a cake or other delicious treat. 

(cards are to the left on the table)

So I think since our group is a smaller group we are going to play with 12 saints, I am going to only put 12 nails into the board you see pictured below so the spinner can only stop on one of those 12 saints. Otherwise the whole 26 letter alphabet would have to be filled and we do not a need for a game that big this year. I put all 26 Saints on there though so as our party grows we can make the cake walk bigger.

 I shrunk the Saints down in the printer options to a 4x6 card size. That worked perfect. Then I modge podged them. The wood circle was orginally cut out by my dad. But then he decided he didn't like it and went and bought me a table top from Bed, Bath and Beyond...lol (I am guessing something happened to it because it was a good circle that he had made)

My dad was going to mount it on the pole with a lazy susan spinner thingy..lol He ended up using a long bolt and three or four washers and two nuts. (I can take specific pictures for those who are making one). I will get pictures of the finished project later this week. It's probably getting cut down a little, but it's ready to go.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Incorrect translation from the Synod.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saint peg dolls my sister gave us back in 2012

Here's the saint peg dolls my sister made for our kids back in 2012 for Christmas. She made a really nice post about them. (**update Nov. 2015- I just was informed her blog is closed, I have no idea if you are able to view them at all now). I took pictures for a friend, so I figured I will just post them for all to see. But I think you can find most everything now on Etsy for sale if you need other saints and can't make them yourself. I am not sure who's missing out of this bunch- currently they are sailing the seven seas on my kids pirate ships and half seem to be missing under couches or driving a Tonka fire truck . By the way, I didn't water mark my photos, please don't use them illegally by reposting them, they are mine, not to be used anywhere else on the internet. We can all play nice right?

St. Jude, St. Brendan the Navigator, Our Lady of the Rosary

St. Kateri, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Augustine

St. Cecilia, St. Gianna, St. Maria Goretti

St. Genevieve, St. Joan of Arc, St. Martin dePorres

St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Michael, St. Nicholas

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saint peg doll fun with pirate ships

We have been talking with our friends about another peg doll exchange- we are getting it worked out who's doing who and by when. The kids of course pick up on my conversations and played "missionary" pirates with their peg dolls tonight. Here's some of the epic scenes from their adventures.

The girl's boat. 

Rose of Lima on the plank. Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque at the helm.

St. Genevieve and St. Maria Goretti having a deep conversation about their cannon.

The boy's boat. Of course St. Brendan is at the helm and St. Michael is his first mate. St. Dominic is look out.

Looks like St. Michael is up top as look out! The girls look like they are getting ready to attack! But down in the lower right corner you see St. Brendan and some monks escaping!

Of course it's St. Anthony!! 

St. Brendan where are you going with your monks? (St. Dominic, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Martin de Porres, and St. Ignatius)

Oh they are going to make a rescue!

I don't know if there is enough room in that boat St. Brendan!