Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Have you see this funny movie trailer from Holy Heroes?

Well I think we watched it alone about ten times this afternoon, then we watched the Advent video  a few times, and then of course the 31st Sunday Gospel video.  But seriously check out the cute movie trailer- I think Holy Heroes needs to keep rolling with it. 

Their stuff is on sale right now for the Advent Adventure. You can buy their books and get a Jesse Tree DVD  or just try it out for free by signing up. The Jesse Tree changed things in our house...forever. It helped me and my kids stay focused.

If you are interested in Advent activities NOW is the time to get signed up because come closer to Thanksgiving you will be busier- and you may just forget.  If you can get a set of Jesse Tree ornaments now before the Advent rush that last part of November, go for it. There are sometimes Jesse Tree Ornament Swaps online you can join (we did last year), or you can just make your own too. Make you kids mangers now too before it's too deep into Advent to get their full spiritual benefit.  

To get an idea or two on what you can do to keep focused on Advent during Advent, and not skip straight to Christmas as the secular world does, click on the tabs below my post below the comments where there are file folder names.

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