Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Saint Spinner works! Check out the video.

My dad mounted the Saint ABC wheel I made the other day. Here it is!

My saints were purchased from Catholic Icing's blog. The circle table top had to be painted- it was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. My dad carefully nailed the nails in after I modge podged the saints on.

Working on the flapper ticker thing made from a milk carton.

Brenden hiding in Grandpa's doubt finding Grandpa's lost tools

I digress...getting a ride in the mower around the Fisher botanical garden's...

Okay, after realizing how beautiful my mom's flowers were, we headed home. Shortly after Grandpa showed up with this!

On my Google page, the video is upright and not sideways...I can't figure out this editing..blogging woes!

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