Monday, October 6, 2014

Saint Faustina Sunday, Life Chain, waffles and chickens! Keep calm wash your hands- from the CDC.

Well just when you think you are pooped out from reading about Saint's feast days this week...Sunday we had Divine Mercy waffles for St. Faustina's feast day. The kids did their own fruit and I squirted on the whipped cream. Much fun!

After Mass we participated in the Life Chain.

The kids really thought it was fun- I wasn't really sure what to expect!

Then after some thought- we decided to get some hens! These little girls came from Atwoods. I only agreed to do three chicks- each kid got to pick theirs out. They already eat bugs apparently. They don't seem like much trouble- but they won't be going outdoors till they have adult feathers- which will seem like a long time- it's already getting cold out at night. And I think the few remaining hens we are buying older hens- as in closer to a year old, something more coop ready.

Well guess the ride home didn't keep them from pooping!

Brenden couldn't take his eyes off them. He was so gentle holding his little chick too. All the kids did really really well- I was surprised. One chick is already coming to us for bugs to eat from the hand- it took less than an hour to train that chick. The outdoor coop/pen will probably be mostly done tomorrow. Chickens will eat your bugs in your yard if you let them out to roam. Plus they eat all your dinner leftovers, including chicken, turkey, beef, pork, salads, bread, eggs, spaghetti, corn, veggies- pretty much everything you throw out.  And their poop makes great fertilizer for your garden. Plus if you leave town- I just found out you only need a chicken "checker" every few days. They don't need anything but clean water and food. (assuming you have a chicken pen they can exercise in).

And in the midst of the scary Ebola going around- I did get a chuckle at the Goodwill the other day....

From the CDC!

Don't forget to listen to your Joyful Mysteries CD from Holy Heroes tomorrow for the Battle of Lepanto!

Our Lady of the Rosary Pray for us!

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