Sunday, October 5, 2014

St. Francis- our Patron Saint Italian feast day dinner! Birds nests and wolf paws.

This might seem off subject but it's really not. Can you believe the news about Fr. Benedict Groeschel today?  Are you surprised though that he passed away on St. Francis' Feast Day?  I am sure St. Francis welcomed him with St. Peter arms wide open into the gates of Heaven. (Yes- I know he' hasn't been declared a saint by the church....yet.)

    I did get to see him speak at our Catholic Family Conference here in Wichita.  My sister's engagement was blessed by him, and my mom stood in line to get a book autographed by him years back. A few weeks ago while shopping at the Goodwill I found a copy of the book he promoted while at our CFC years back- the last one he came to, "The Virtue Driven Life". I was excited someone had dropped off such good literature and was happy it was a dollar! But when I opened it- look what I found! I compared it to the same book my mom had signed that last year at the CFC- and it matched! I know we can't hardly read the signature either- but exact same book and signature- someone she stood in line with that weekend at his table. 

Fr. Groeschel you are already missed!

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine; et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.

Next to the man himself!  St. Francis! We have been so lucky to see a lot of Mary's crew this holy week.

oh yum, we usually only get these for Easter!

I think maybe one of Brenden's pile of jelly beans made it into a birds nest- the rest in his mouth.

Onto the wolf paws- this is from Catholic Cuisine, I modified the dip. We used two different sized cookies to make "front" and "back" paws.

***I mixed in some peanut butter with the chocolate coating to make it creamier. I think it tasted better.

front paws are bigger

sending some goodies to my sister's and my parents.

our Italian cuisine


St. Francis Pray for us!

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