Wednesday, October 1, 2014

St. Jerome and his little a power outage ;)

For once my sister asked me to babysit- we moved a little closer this summer- like as in a good 25 mins- slightly more convenient! So I hope we get to do it some more our cousins!  We only watched Gracie though today. While we played inside, my husband got to work outside cutting limbs. Westar came out and let our power line down so he could cut farther back. And Mr. Westar energy even helped trim a little higher up since he had his bucket (we gave him some cupcakes and a hotdog).  

Something about ladders and chainsaws- makes a man a!!

oooh..power just went out! The line to our house was as old as the house- frayed, only 2 of 7 strands were connected...a very scarey fire could have happened.

trimming back some..

The meeting of the minds....hey guys, how do you color a lion again? (here's the link for the printable lion face)

meanwhile...still cutting (power is still out) power.. but.. oh yum!

by the front window where there is light.

cooler on the the table with our food-so we don't have to open the fridge.

St. Jerome's pet lions...

Auntie Mary returns from the dentist! I heard she needed 5 cavities filled- that might be a stretcher.. I just want to see if she yells at me and tells me to take down my silly stuff- I am not sure she actually ever reads my blog.

Hotdogs- because we have no power and a grill uses gas ;)

water colors again!

St. Jerome- Pray for us!

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