Wednesday, October 1, 2014

St. Therese's feast day at Walter's Pumpkin Patch and pastry roses.

 I found a fun recipe on Catholic Cuisine for St. Therese's feast day today. It required concentration- since I pulled branches all last night I was exhausted, but I got them done after the kids went to bed. We used apples from my parents. And although we were not gathered specifically today to celebrate a Doctor of the Church's feast day, we were with our Catholic homeschool group and I took along the special treat.

step one- acquire lots of free apples

Best line I heard all day was Tony saying, "It would probably be a mortal sin not to eat those roses on St. Therese's feast day. I wouldn't want to get into any sort of sin, I better have a few."  LOL!

I took them to share with our friends at the pumpkin patch. It turned into a beautiful day- it was predicted that there would be strong storms and tornadic activity.

  Uncle Kale in the blue hat, Gracie, Genna, and Augustine.

  Our good friends Maureen and Frank, and two of their daughters. Maureen got her locks cut off- and she is rocking a short do!

The farmer explaining the pumpkin varieties. There were literally thousands and thousands of pumpkins. 

Baby Boo pumpkins.

found one!

A Casper pumpkin for each. Knox got the big orange one.

Pumpkin Perps.. (of course their cousins)

Our other good friends the Rundles..

St. Therese pray for us.

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