Monday, October 27, 2014

when making Saint Peg dolls- don't use sharpies, use Paint Pens or Paint Markers

Mother Teresa Mascara Malfunction

I love the blue stripes on this peg doll!  My hand could not have done that patient work at all! But poor Mother Teresa looks sad now, I will repaint her face and redo it in regular paints- another day, (these were from the Saint trade last year, I finally got around to clear coating them). 
Mother Teresa and another one of my girl saints who were painted in their white habits were getting lots and lots of paint scuffs from being handled by kids. The clear coat protects their paint job. This is an example of a sharpie face after the clear polyurethane spray was applied. For whatever reason, Sharpie markers run, but the Paint Pens or Paint Markers do not. So be sure and save yourself a huge groan and use the paint markers (they have them at Walmart). 

I have seen people clear coat with Modge Podge- if your children are playing with the wood peg dolls (which I hope they are) the Modge Podge cracks off if they are rough- this was a word of advice from my sister who has made many many of these Saint Peg Dolls.  Modge Podge also sticks to things. Just get any old polyurethane furniture at Home Depot and it will put a nice clear coat on them. Then the flat paints  you took so much time to apply won't be damaged and scraped up. And polyurethane lasts forever and can be wiped clean.

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  1. tip from one artist to another, use the hard round bottom of the paintbrush to make the eyes. Perfectly round almost every time.


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