Saturday, November 29, 2014

A sweet tea party celebrating the Presentation of Mary

My friend Cheryl- you should know who she is if you read my blog ;) had a very sweet tea party for girls last Friday to celebrate the Presentation of Mary. Everyone came dressed up, and she made this adorable Immaculate Heart dessert from brownies, twizzlers, a pretzel and a strawberry. I so wanted to stay and play tea party...but alas..someone had to take those "non tea drinking" brother's somewhere ;)  We went to Exploration Place and had a great time! And to quote Beatrix Potter so that the, "Dignity and Repose of the Tea Party" would not be disturbed. 

some lovely ladies!

aren't they so cute with their tea cups?

They had a lesson about the feast day and also made a craft. It was perfect!

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