Friday, November 14, 2014

Aww...the chicken life

  I love my hens- my kids love them too. Today we thought they disappeared. We live along a highway and apparently they got through a hole in the fence and just kept walking down the fence far far away. They weren't able to see their coop. So when we went looking for them they came running! 
  My husband wrapped their coop up in a camo tarp this afternoon and we stuffed their boxes and coop full of hay. We bought them a water warmer- their water has frozen every day this week even during the day. Now- apparently it's supposed to get snowy overnight. He's insulated it with foam earlier this week right before that front came in on Monday evening. One of my hens looks like she started to get frostbite on her comb and the tip felt ice cold where the blackish/bluish tissue was. But we vaselined up their combs and wattles and hopefully that will keep it from happening again and damaging her comb further. 

These hen's used to be some wild ladies at the previous farm they were kept at. They were never held. But since they are Rhode Island Reds- they are very very sweet and tolerant of everything. Including ackward 2 year old boys how try to stuff cabbage in their beaks ;) and then walk around holding them funny. They don't fuss a bit.

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