Monday, November 17, 2014

Early snow- wait...did I say snow? And gingerbread...

Walking out to the coop during the flurry early early this morning..

Well, I can't recall since childhood a snow this early. I recall maybe once or twice snow for Halloween. But it just doesn't snow a lot here....ever. We did get a huge deep mess of it two springs ago and again this last spring, but that was just one storm doing that dumping. WE HAVE LOTS OF COLD WIND AND HOT WIND. But that's really the only guarantee we have most the time- wind.  
But today, our science museum hosted a Gingerbread House event, where you can go make your own little houses and look at some other people's pretty ones. There was snow on the ground and it was such a nostalgic I don't have to buy or supply or clean up ;)  Knox is the only one with any Ginger bread house experience. We really had a lovely afternoon.

our box of supplies

drip!!  Genna's cup of frosting was perfect, nice and thick for sticking. 

  I think Brenden did a good job sticking on his candy- he did eat quite a few but he really had fun.   Genna wanted to make her's a Cathedral- hence the church bell at the top. Two other sets of people who were at our table at different times kept saying, this is the church, here is the steeple... funny how we all were thinking the same thing.

I think we can count today- Sunday- as a homeschool art class day, don't you?

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