Saturday, November 15, 2014

Get inspired celebrating the Saints- make it a New Year's goal

Okay, you all know who Padre Pio is right? (Duh) As a child he grew up in a family who celebrated the Saints feast days through out the year, they also fasted 3 days a week, said daily Rosaries together....yes- now he is in Heaven. He lead an amazing life. 

 Fortunately, we aren't all born mystics- very rarely does God give that gift to a person, and most of us won't ever perform miracles.  But just because we aren't bestowed with that amazing gift doesn't mean we can't imitate Padre Pio's holy life or any other Saint's life for that matter. (I was just using his as an example since he was a recent saint to make my point that Saints are very relevant now!)

 God gave us Jesus- to follow his perfect example of how to get to heaven. BUT God also gives us the Saints to inspire us and to follow in their footsteps- literally. If you know someone is in heaven, wouldn't you want to study their life and figure out how they got there? And then do the same thing, walk a similar path? What's even greater- saints were sinners like us- which very relate-able. The way to heaven is not impossible.

 So maybe you aren't in the habit of saying daily rosaries, or maybe the idea of fasting outside of Lent sounds a bit too hard for now...well how about a Saint party instead? IF it was good enough for Padre Pio's family to celebrate the Saints, why isn't it for your family??? That's easy- and you can plan it way out in advance using your regular old  Parties are really fun! Take that first step and soon you will find yourself wanting to plan another one, your family will soon be on a speeding spiritual train that can't seem to stop. You're kids will love it!

  So now you see why it's important to infuse the Saints into our daily lives? They lead the way- SO WE CAN GO TO HEAVEN TOO! 

This blog I just came across tonight has some cute ideas for celebrating Saints daily- easy if you're homeschooling as we have all day with our children, surely you can fit a few Saint activities in through out the year?  If there are any out there who aren't homeschooling- make the extra effort after your kids get home to celebrate the Saints once in awhile. I have more Feast Day ideas posted here. Buy a Liturgical planning book- they are full of good ideas. (here's some free ones by the Fournier's that you can read on the internet instead of buying) Make it a New Years goal to pick a saint to study in your family for a year, have a Feast day party on that Saint's Feast day- invite friends...hey we will come ;)

Oh by the way, the Church's new year starts at the end of Ordinary time, and begin's with Advent, this year November 30th- Sunday. Why not start off the "real year" our lives should be centered around by celebrating New Year's then? 

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