Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Church New Year!! Are you ready for Advent?

Happy New Year! It's here! Are you ready? We are ready! My kids were tickled to death to get out our Jesse Tree. I hope you are all following along with Holy Heroes Advent Adventure- it's all free you know. There are cute religious coloring pages, Jesse Tree paper ornaments, videos and quizzes, etc..
 Tonight during the opening hymn- the kids finally heard their song we have been practicing now for two fall semesters (finally we went to a mass that sang it- see below). They were also clued in on all the reading thanks to Holy Heroes Sunday Gospel prep videos. I love when Genna looks at me and nods and smiles at the readings.

Thank you Erin McFarland over at Traditional Catholic Living for providing us with a great music program! If you haven't checked her blog out or are in need of a music program please go see her blog. Erin is a super cool mom, she has Legos and chickens ;) And she will visit with your and answer your silly questions about music.

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