Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day- guess who came for a visit? None other than St. Martin!

(it was freezing here today- like 8 degree wind chill here- I had to photograph from inside- sort of like St. Martin's day where he gave the beggar half his cloak)

My husband is an Army Vet, my brother in law is an active Marine Corp Captain, so happy Vet's day to them! How appropriate is it that was have a great military Saint to celebrate on Veteran's Day.  St. Martin of Tours (France), was a Roman soldier. Before he was baptized Catholic, he is famous for cutting his beautiful military cloak in half and giving one half to a scantily clad beggar who laid by the gate at Amiens- in freezing conditions. Later in a dream Jesus appeared to Martin, revealing himself as the beggar. Martin was baptized and became a hermit.  He later became Bishop of Tours, France. When he found out he was to be ordained a bishop, he ran and hid in barn in a goose pen, the geese made a loud fuss and the towns people found him hiding there. (Insert his goose was cooked joke). 

We celebrated having our cousins over, we made modge podge lanterns- as tradition in Germany and other parts of Europe do. We did not process outdoors because of the wind chill today or have the bonfire- as we had planned to do. Instead we were visited by St. Martin. He first appeared in our backyard in the huge homeschool windows, while we were working on our lanterns. Then he let himself in the front door, bringing with him treat bags. (We never learned the rhyme, as we can't really claim to speak any Germanic or Slavic  sounding language here.)

 Knox said he wasn't fooled by St. Martin...he claimed he was Uncle Kale.

St. Martin stayed and changed back into Uncle Kale, he joined us for cornbread, fruit salad and chili.

St. Martin's bags, had nuts and Cuties *oranges* in them and a American Flag sticker

St. Martin of Tours, Pray for us!

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