Sunday, November 30, 2014

St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal. Reminder for St. Andrew's Novena which started today.

Thank you Justin Stroh for sending this over. I fogot to ad this. It's a beautiful song about the Miraculous Medal..good to put on when doing this craft.
How many of you have the cute little books Neumann Press published called Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls? (There are 4 volumes- they are hard backs.) In Volume I which we read a few times now, there is a story of little girl named Zoe Laboure and her big sister Mary Louise who live in Burgandy, France. 

Zoe become a sister of Charity after seeing and old priest- St. Vincent in her dream. She doesn't know who he is until she sees his picture in the convent where her older sister Mary Louise is now at. Zoe takes the name Sister Catherine and is visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary (after praying to her through out her life to meet her). The Blessed Mother does come and meet Sister Catherine late a night in the convent chapel, and then later gives Sister Catherine the image of the Miraculous Medal to go and be produced and distributed. Sister Catherine's feast day is November the 28th. 

 The feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is November 27th- the day before. We did a great craft from Catholic Icing's website- it's a free download and it's so easy.  I re-read the particular part of the story where Mary come to visit Sister Catherine as the kids worked on their medal craft. Genna did the backside and Knox did the front side (due to the lettering). Genna and Knox have never tried working with foil before- it was a lot of fun. For once I wasn't having them color!

 I cut the foil out and glued it to the foam. This is Knox's side.

 Genna's side- Little Bebopper loves a photo

He wanted to pose holding the new medal.

Don't forget St. Andrew's Novena which started today. If you want to learn a cool hymn in honor of St. Andrew check out this blog again ;) and sign up for her emails- I would have linked to her blog but I can't find the darn We have never heard the hymn before but of course it already goes to that tune I mentioned last night in my post- Conditor Alme Siderum. So you don't have to chant an new melody- just new words. 

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