Monday, November 3, 2014

Superman steps off the airplane! And all my little Saints and the All Saints Day Party.

I pulled up to the airport to pick up my brother in law with my kids...and there's some red head walking down the sidewalk in a blue superman costume....yup! That's him! It was hilarious. Then the flight crew he had been with since North Carolina yelled at him, "We love you Superman, Thanks for flying with us!"  from in their SUV. Just too funny!

  St. Longinus, St. Cecilia, and Father Benedict Groeschel

Our sweet neighbor ;) Maxine!

The whole crew with Superman and Aunt Mary- she was just Aunt Mary for the night!

Fr. Kapaun, St. Longinus, Superman and baby, St. Cecilia, The Divine Infant and his mother Auntie Mary, Fr. Groeschel and St. Elizabeth of Hungary is cracking up.

Erin and Nate's (Superman) little boy Fulton, named after the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Grandma and the our cousins, Blessed Father Kapaun, Divine Infant of Prague, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary

So cute!

My nephew Father Kapaun won a cake (and it happened to be Grandma Fisher's cake) in the our Angel Food Cake Walk my Dad and I created.

Angel Food Cake Walk with Saints (Grandpa seeing that's it's erected properly)

Trinitas, Bean Bag Toss, I found some awesome Our Lady of Grace tray puzzles, St. Jude Garden Banners, and statues and magnets for prizes on Autom's website ;)

St. Pete's Fish Pond, I had Miraculous Magnets, Miraculous medal rings, sacrifice beads we made ourselves with Holy Medals, St. Jude garden banners

Litany of Saints

Fr. Groeschel, St. Longinus and St. Cecilia

one half of the Communion of Saints marching to "When the Saints Go Marching In."

St. Cecilia won a 2- Liter in the Halo Toss

Fr. Benedict must have gotten tired of the beard and glasses, but he's helping his mom with the "Saint Guessing Jars" my friend Maureen brought (she's below giving the thumbs up)

She also brought "Pin the Rose on St. Therese and Pin the Shamrock on St. Patrick".  
There were many many other great games and costumes, I had a dead camera and all my pictures were smart phone pics. I wish I could have taken more.

We had so much fun! I was so grateful to all my friends in HFHE and my own family who helped.  I was fortunate to get enough volunteers last week and I was able to set aside the party all week long till Saturday and focus on other things. It was wonderful!

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