Wednesday, November 12, 2014

working ahead on Three Kings felt crowns.

Here's a great project for you to start now- before the holidays stunt all things. If you want to celebrate the Epiphany next year with an easy idea, this is for you. Felt crowns are simple to construct out of the $.28 felt sheets you can buy at Walmart. Just cut out the shape of a crown- mine were about 18-19" long. Then sew on some felt jewels and sew a piece of elastic in the back. Viola- done!

cut out the felt from a folded sheet. 

Fold your sheet of felt in half, length, wise and cut points- I got six points on my one sheet. And since I needed the crowns to be 18-19 inches- the last 3 points had to be cut from an additional sheet of felt and then sewn together with the first six points (see the photo above?)

 I made a wide zigzag over the "joint". To make the stitching look even, I sewed a second zigzag seam after the next three points as well- making it look symmetrical (it was just a cosmetic thing). You can see the zigzagging seams in the top crown in the photo above.

make a pattern of jewels and sew them on

I cut out a strip of felt to decorate the bottom half of the crown.

stretchy elastic in the back- room to grow and help stay put

If you get this done now, you can even have a Nativity play with you family during the Christmas season as well as parade around like the three Kings on the Epiphany.

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