Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wouldn't you like to prayer the Rosary LIVE IN PERSON with a huge group of Catholics without leaving your home?

  As I was adding the music after I posted my last post I was thinking I should have done this awhile ago. I really love this Rosary Live thing going on Google Plus. Basically it's a Google hangout doing the Rosary. I don't know technology I just have this Chrome book and I know Google so it works for me. I would compare a hangout to maybe Facetime or Skype? Or one of those other online face to face phone calls you hear about.
  I can't always do it because of bedtimes and schedules but we try and make time when we can. Justin Stroh and his family lead online LIVE Rosaries about once a week around 8 PM central time. We have been able to join in several times now. It's so so cool to hear the intentions from around the world- they are coming in from everywhere! 
  It's amazing to be united in prayer over the computer! He offers reflections throughout the Rosary and modern life for Catholics and he and his wife do an amazing job leading the prayer service. If you have a Google Plus account just add Justin to your circle you will see the reminders. You are online live listening praying the rosary with people from Africa, all U.S. states, Canada, Europe, Middle East everywhere! Talk about a powerful Rosary- think about that one. Check it out sometime!

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