Sunday, December 28, 2014

accidently came across a song tonight

  I am looking for a Baptismal day gift for my daughter Genevieve...who's feast day is Jan. 3rd- also her baptismal day ;)  Anyway, found this country song about one of St. Genevieve's miracles- totally random.
 Here's the lyrics and here's the song on Spotify. I think her Godfather Uncle Jon can learn this on the guitar for her ;)  No pressure dude...hurry up though her feast day is soon.  And if you want to know what this miracle is here's info on it- part of ebook preivew. She held back the waters of the Seine River in December of 1206 in Paris. (page 32- keep reading past 41) and there are many many more water miracles dealing with the flooding of Paris, where she was invoked and miracles occurred. Very interesting...sort of a fun thing to learn!

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