Friday, December 5, 2014

Burgess' books and Advent Calendar animals. Beatrix Potter-Free Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddleduck and many more Kindle download link.

Have you had an opportunity to read Thornton Burgess' books? They are pretty old stories, we have read several of his stories about the animals in the green forest and the green meadows. We noticed that our Playmobil Advent Calendars matched up with Thornton Burgess' book and Beatrix Potter's books too- bottom of the page. 

Mr Tod (the fox) and Mr. Brock (the badger) have a quarrel. The trick Mr. Tod tried to play on Mr. Brock made my kids laugh.

We have a lot more animals to play with as Advent goes on. Peter Rabbit and a few other rabbits, Raccoons, Hooty the Owl, Sammy Jay, Headbanger woodpecker, Reddy Fox and some other foxes, they all go along with our books. It makes the playtime more fun. The kids listen to the audio books on Librivox and play with their sets.

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