Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ever try this set of Advent candles?

Genna had no trouble rolling- she's almost 5. She plays with play dough a lot- that might be why.

   This Illuminated Ink craft is recommended for 1st graders to do in the MODG 1st grade syllabus, lucky for me I found ONE in Kansas City at the homeschool conference this summer from Linda at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts. I was relieved to see Holy Heroes promoting it, because we already had it in hand when my kids said...."ewww- fun!" I got into my art armoir and I whipped it out and they were like, " WHOA MOM! You're our hero."  
   Okay, maybe the hero part is my exaggeration...anyway, we worked on them this past weekend after Thanksgiving and then had them blessed over the weekend with our other candles. They are 100% beeswax, and that means they burn really really fast, so get some of the other Advent candles too so you aren't breaking the bank- they were $17 I think, (I went through the Goodwill's this summer and rounded up Advent candles in their candle boxes. I got several sets for less than $4)  perhaps if you have bees you make your own candles? I can't claim I have ever made candles before- but I am sure it's fun. This box set has the Advent Wreath blessing included and the reason the Church uses beeswax. Beeswax is the purest and sweetest- like Christ's own flesh, it burns smokeless. The wick is His soul and the flame is His divinity.

Happy Advent!

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