Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy feast of St. Nicholas! Feast new love- edible Holy Card Cookies!

My latest love for Feast Day parties...Holy Card Sugar Cookies.

Yes, I know it's sloppy- I was pressed for time, we had to get kids to grandmas to babysit and I had to pick up a birthday cake and meet my Familia group for appetizers and a drink.

We took major short cuts this afternoon- like I said we were busy.  I even used premixed sugar cookie mix- where you just add the egg and butter and flour as needed. 
I think I measured them at 3x4 1/2" or so, I don't have a cookie cutter for this size or shape- don't laugh I had to measure with a ruler. 
Next I printed out the holy card I wanted on my edible paper- I got the printer and supplies this afternoon and had it set up in about 30 mins.

I cut up the sheets.

 I put buttercream icing on the cookies and stuck the holy cards to them. I was pressed for time tonight, so no frosting decorating gun.

Brenden's special cookie- it was an odd leftover.

I made two candy cane shaped, cherry cream cheese breakfast treats. They sort of are like a Bishop's Crozier.


They poof out quite a bit, so it's good to keep them skinny if you cheat like me and use Pillsbury Cresent rolls- the Pampered Chef Recipe.

Some toys and candy canes and a Cutie!

They tried to set a warning system for St. They told our neighbor girl about it- I am pretty sure when she repeats it back to her parents they will think we are strange over here! LOL!

 We also made St. Nick's candy cane cocoa.

we pulled out our art supplies

  made some tags

 Clearance item last year at Walmart $1 each!


too much fun!

St. Nicholas Pray For Us!

My oldest just ran down the hall at 1:20 AM to see if they caught St. I slide the laptop here under my covers...and spied! TOO FUNNY!

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