Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My favorite Saint- SinterKlaas is coming to town this weekend are you ready?

  Of all the Catholic Saints in the world- he is definitely the most well known. I got an email tonight that reminded me of where the name Santa Claus comes from- something we don't ever discuss out loud. Santa means Saint. So all you non- Catholic's out there reading my blog- thank you, but FYI psst... you're celebrating a Catholic Saint- you're welcome.  The Claus, is well, from Klaus, or Klaas, or Nicholaas (notice- doesn't it all sound the same? different languages change the spelling) read the Wikipedia article there I have linked up to.
    I love love love Sinterklaas. Want to know what's even more exciting? Guess what- his feast day is this weekend! You still have time to make some plans!  Check out the St. Nicholas website they have tons of ideas and that's really all you have to read up on- it literally has everything you want to know or do. (here's our last year's feast day event)
   I bought special Advent calendars this year for my kids. The one we all are really excited about is Knox's. His has Sinterklaas in it, complete with his Bishop's Mitre, a Bible and Crosier. He even delivers the traditional oranges to the kids. And what's more fun, being this is a well thought out calender his door is opened on number 5- so you have him out in time for his feast day. SO FUN!
   I like the Playmobil calendars because most of them come with the Advent Angel. Oh by the way, I justify this "toy" because I want to keep my kids focused on ADVENT. We collectively agree to give up candy for the Advent calendars with chocolates don't work out well for us in the end. You can't really argue St. Nicholas and and Advent Angel, it doubles for some serious feast day fun. It helps me combat other issues that might come up.

Sinterklaas Kalender- I bought this calender along with a Lego Advent Calendar- and was keeping this one for next year, since I had some "other stuff that was St. Nicholasy". This one came in the mail first. Knox was waiting patiently for the Lego calender to come in, it took about ten days. He ended up begging for this one the other night instead- amazing. He is really excited now- he loves that St. Nicholas is in it. He didn't even want to look at the Lego one I put away for next Maybe I will have to give it to my 2 engineering brothers..who knows.

This is what the calendar looks like after you pull the cover box off.


I don't think this one has the Advent Angel in it, but Genna loves the animals- she is getting something special to add to it for St. Nicholas' feast day.

this one has the Advent Angel, Sinterklaas is more "American" looking but I guess it's cold, that Bishop's miter wouldn't be too practical to go feed the woodland creatures.

This one is Brenden's- who is 2.5 yo, the parts are really small, but if I can't give him something sort of similar- as the others he will have sibling disturbances over their sets- sort of like when he crushes and destroys Knox's Lego creations. Lucky for me he doesn't chew on little things. So it works out well. Peace on Earth ;) They have been sharing their sets really well and putting the pieces together to make a big "scene". Brenden loves to make his animals hop around in our Jesse Tree's branches- which is where we set up these Advent calendars.

Our Jesse Tree (acts as a night light too)

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