Sunday, December 14, 2014

O Antiphon prayer cards for an oratory or prayer table

Hey what's new?!  Guess what, we're still sick- ahhhh! And Genna is now sick..bummer, she made it 7 days with out getting ill! That's quite a long time. Well anyway, the kids and I played with the Cricut my mother-in-law gave us. It was really hard to focus on the task since we are all sort of slowed down, thinking of what colors matched or what picture to put on them. The kids all helped vote stuff or veto stuff, and glue dot stuff and use the paper cutter- they love that thing. (You can tell what came from the Cricut most likely)

Some things like the manger, the crown, and the key are raised with the foam dots. Some of our O's made onto the paper in different directions- but it's an O- so O WELL ;)

The Good Shepherd prayer card was Genna's doing. She didn't want to cut off Jesus' feet- she was really worried, so we just made a large card and it really does look good!

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