Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Lady of Guadalupe- Ora Pro Nobis!

Want to hear a feel good story?

We have been so sick here, it's not even  possible to keep up with anything Advent or Christmas related, let alone eat together or even take a proper shower and brush our hair. It's been a full week of quality TV though- we have watched a lot of saint movies and Duck Dynasty and Peppa Pig ;) I though I would mention the big white candle with Our Lady of Guadalupe in the middle of the Advent Wreath in the picture way below.

A little more than a year ago Brenden who was crawling in our (other house) kitchen decided to put a piece of clear plastic cellophane in his mouth. He had never ever picked anything up off the floor before to eat- none of my kids ever put tiny objects or picked up the little crumbs to taste test. This was a rare event for us to begin with. My husband who is not Catholic (or even really claims anything) scooped Brenden up when we realized he was in distress. And began slapping the heck out of his back holding him down into the kitchen sink. The choking seemed to go on and on. I was ready to call 911. Brenden's eyes were rolling back. He wasn't blue that I can remember but I know he looked pale and he was limp in Brad's arms. My husband is a police officer should know what to do right? We learn infant choking and CPR in our training. What seemed to be a half hour, was really just minutes, but very very long minutes. My other two kids and I watched Brad helplessly hold Brenden and I kept pushing the numbers for 911 and then would wait
(why I couldn't call for help- I don't know), we prayed desperately and quietly while we watched. Suddenly Brad reached out and grabbed that big candle off my window sill, to show to Brenden. Brenden reached his little hand out and touched the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And at that instant- I mean that very second, he choked up the cellophane into the sink. Before any of us could even react, Brad shouted out, "Did you see that!? HE TOUCHED HER PICTURE AND THE PLASTIC CAME OUT!" I went and grabbed Brenden from Brad and hugged him. Brad was bent the sink like he was out of breath and stunned.

Now I said at the beginning we have watched TV all week, haven't eaten, been just barely getting by here due to the flu. Brad was required to work the airplane crash security last night- he was still sick, so he wasn't home. I didn't mention to Brad who's feast day was today, the Knox and Genna and I actually watched the CCC movie yesterday late afternoon and I gave them their Guadalupe dolls last night before bed. I didn't even think to get out the candle to light it- since we aren't eating meals at the table. We have three gallons of milk going to waste!

Today, while I was catching up some bills- Brenden kept harassing me over my checks- printed on them are Our Lady of Guadalupe images. I knew he liked the picture but dismissed it, I just kept shooing him off because he kept trying to grab my checks while I was writing. He wanted to tell me about the picture apparently and kept making weird noises crinkling his nose that sounded like a pig half grunting or choking or coughing. I was thinking to my self we had watched too much Peppa Pig this week- the grunting was really good- especially since his voice is raspy from the cold. Then after being very insistent and grabby, I tore a check off for him, so he could write daddy a check- he worked on that check for at least a good thirty minutes.
 Brad (who is oblivious to all feast day related things) says, "You know why he is drawn to the picture Shannon?" I said "Ya, he recognizes it's Our Lady of Guadalupe." (inside I was thinking yea, duh- Brenden knows his saints- not thinking of the choking incident) Brad says, "Because that's the image on the candle he touched when he was choking on that piece of plastic, don't you remember back at the other house?"  
I said, "It's her feast day today." The response "Oh really"- but with a panic look on his face- I am not sure why that look, but when you get to know your spouse, you see those funny looks they sometimes get.

We did get out the candle and tonight, we lit it while we said our bedtime prayers.

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!

{If you want to make these little dolls, here's a close up of the mini ones. I also made my niece a large one for her birthday. Here's a close up of the St. Juan Diego peg doll}

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