Saturday, December 27, 2014

please pray for us

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas so far! There has obviously been a lot of great feast days and a lot of celebrating we have missed. All of our family got hit with a terrible severe cold and coughing since about the first Friday of December- the night I went out with my Familia group, the coughing is so severe you lose control of other functions and the fevers were 103 degrees. The kids just recovered from it this week around Sunday and Monday- that's when I last heard them cough. We missed two weeks of school- I think I posted on here about it a few weeks ago. We actually schooled up through Dec. 24th morning to help catch up. Unfortunately looks like my cough hasn't gone away and seems a little stronger in the last two days- probably due to lack of sleep- I am hoping I am not getting something new and scarier. 
As of Christmas Eve, my two sons have a severe influenza- involving complete loss of bowl control and throwing up- so it can be a bit of a nightmare. Fortunately their fevers have been mostly under 100 degrees or registering at normal body temps around 97 to 98 degrees, but their torso's feel extremely hot to touch as do their arms. Its very bizarre- the fever is localized I guess to the midsection. We are being good at maintaining good sense of humors and trying to offer up the misery for a special intention. I also sliced the back of my hand open with a pair of scissors Christmas Eve trying to open a toy train- I opted not to go to the ER- and fortunately the wound is sticking together right now thanks to some tight bandages. There are presents and toys still in their packages because the little boys who they now belong don't feel like playing with them yet- let alone get out of bed. Please pray for this plague to end in our house. I am happy though that there probably isn't much else out there that we can catch right now- it could be worse..we haven't caught ebola right? ;)

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