Monday, December 8, 2014

Prayer cards for use during the liturgical year.

Our CGS teacher- Cheryl, gave us parents a handout with Advent ideas on it. One that we haven't done yet in our home was the use of prayer or scripture cards for the prayer tables or Advent wreath (basically put them where you feel they will be seen and used).  I love Isaiah- it sort of gets me excited to hear the prophecies- my kids have caught onto it too. 
I also checked Pinterest for cards an found a few examples. So this is what I worked on for a bit tonight. My mother in law gave us a Cricut machine- she has upgraded her system ;) and although I have no room, (and I am really stuck because of the icing printer now too) we have been enjoying it very much! I cut my star out on it ;) I am a little paralyzed by all the choices still- but I am narrowing things down to use- I hope.

I did use a gold paint pen, and it's very hard to control the flow on them- so it looks very hand made due to the extra leaking- but I doubt my kids will care. I am not quite done yet, I have several more to work on another night this week.

I was thinking maybe even Saint quotes for important feast days- like All Saints or All Souls day, or The Immaculate Conception etc... I could stick them out with my Saint peg dolls on the prayer table.
If there is a few interested this could easily turn into a prayer card exchange- it's probably an easier way- because you have to buy just a few of the same supplies for one card rather than buy supplies for designing several different cards. Check back for the rest later!

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