Friday, December 12, 2014

St. Lucy's Feast Day, free audio pod cast of a great book too

  Saint Lucy is such a great Saint for this time of year. Lucy means "light".  Light in the winter darkness, leading us to find Christ at Christmas.  
I don't think we will be able to do much feasting in the morning unfortunately due to illness. You should have seen the kids little faces- so sad! We can't have hot chocolate and I am too wiped to make any sort of bread- let alone eat it.  I promised them when we all felt better we would have a proper St. Lucy feast day breakfast party. But at the request of the kids I got their costumes out and I also set out their little surprise. I got them Playmobil star boys and half made a St. Lucy doll out of a Playmobil angel- who has a white robe and gold stars.

St. Lucy with her homemade belt and head wreath and her cat buns!

The "star boys"

I posted last year about our celebrations here and made a tutorial for the head wreath if you want to check it out. Also I included this info below in another post, about a book that might be kind of hard to get now.

This is a link to a podcast of one of the St. Lucy books we own- made in 2009. The book Lucia Saint of Light, was recommended on our MODG syllabus. It is an Orthodox sight fyi..but I love the audio books!

Santa Lucia Ora Pro Nobis!

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