Sunday, January 4, 2015

A very very good St. Elizabeth Ann Seton children's book

I know it was hard to realize today was St. Elizabeth's feast day with the Epiphany and all, but I thought I would share a really good children's book with a pretty detailed story about her childhood and adulthood and her children. 
 It has a story about her growing up and the war with the British and America becoming independent. She met the great General Washington. There is a story that details her daughter Anina who also became a sister and more info about their trip to Italy. She really endured a lot of hardships- not just physical but extreme emotional (at least they would be extremely emotional for me!)
It was very good and it kept my 4 and 6 year old captivated. We are in the process of re-reading it.
  Happy Feasting!

isn't crayon chapstick appropriate for her feast day? These were $.25 at Walmart in their Christmas clearance section- cheap and fun!

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