Sunday, January 4, 2015

Doing an Epiphany Blessing, traditional cake recipe and Lambswool to help you go a-wassaling

  Probably most of my friends already do the Epiphany Blessing..but if you haven't yet today, you can do it within the Octave of the Epiphany. The blessing is for the interior of your home. If you can't do a regular blessing there are prayers you can say as well. 

  Things you need, a Christmas candle, Holy Water blessed from the Eve of the Epiphany (if you can manage it, or your holy water at home will do) and blessed chalk- we get our's re-blessed every year at the Epiphany Mass. You can also look on Catholic Culture for more info and for another blessing very similar to this one- I think it's printable. Best to do the blessing coming home right after Mass if possible.

See the Twelfth Night Cake recipe?  Also read here about a traditional Epiphany drink ;) Lambswool.
If you aren't doing an Epiphany service, here's some great prayers! And here's the link to last years party.

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