Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Epiphany candy bars for $0.25! (Erin McFarland our "music teacher" needs to hear us singing)

LOL you think I want you to see the cool candy bars first??  LOOK AT MY CUTE KIDS SAYS THE CRAZY MOM!

They wore their crowns today, up until Knox left for his first piano lesson at Grandma Fisher's.

he was trying to pose I think, but lost it

so then I snapped another when he wasn't looking so he could achieve his goal

Okay, so then Genna says let me see my picture..and then says "Okay take one of me thinking"  Seriously where do they get this stuff?

oops little out of focus...okay redo!

better but the finger isn't as exaggerated Genna

I love my daughters pony tail..she has curly hair. It's loosened up a lot these past two years but it's still curls under my fingers beautifully!

Okay okay....

I love Christmas clearances!

Wrapped them up for some special people in some goodie bags.  Tomorrow we get to go to an Epiphany party, we have some goodies for that party too.

Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

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