Saturday, January 17, 2015

For those poking around and who are curious about Latin masses- like me ;)

  If you want some good reading on what Latin Mass is in regards to value within the Church, Pope Benedict XVI had some very insightful things to say, of course from a few years back. (Letter and the Document) I never paid attention to it to be honest, I just went with the flow...until now.  For those who like me had no idea this information was even out there, if you can take the time to educate yourself- after all the Latin Mass is our roots.  I see a lot of beauty in the old tradition from just reading about it online. It's been very romanticized- if that makes sense, and not in a way like a modern romance novel and it was never done purposefully.  The awesome black and white pictures, the Latin -any unknown foreign language aids in romanticism through the mystery of simply NOT KNOWING IT, the veiling, the incense, the garments, it has it's own book that works on a 1 year cycle (instead of 3 yr) it all seems very... mystic.

  I could never wrap my finger around why women like to wear veils or mantillas still, or even understand why "traddies" (Thank you Catholic Memes), "seemed to be separated from the rest of us".  I never had a good answer, I read online about people "feeling called"- well sorry-I don't buy the being called part- that would imply other things. Going to mass is not a calling, cleaning my chicken coop out is not a calling, doing dishes is not a calling, my kids poop pants and vomit- it's just my obligation. But I do see why people are pulled and attracted to it. That I can understand and identify with.

 As I asked opinions of those around me, I got weird answers based on assumptions- it was obvious none of us knew why. Boy are we all wrong. It wasn't something taught or explained in the Catholic school system obviously, now I see a big gap in my knowledge of the Church and tradition, and where my personal and Church family experience of the mass actually has roots. I think that when the vernacular came in the long lived traditions were tossed out with the Latin and that has been an issue for me as well. There is a whole generation, or few generations, of us Catholic school kids who have no idea what a Latin mass is let alone even know they are still being said somewhere near by. And then back to traditions...oh we are missing so much in our present lives, yes I get the blank stares all the do what?

  So guess what?  I am taking my kids to a Latin Mass tomorrow. I have been wanting to find out now for a very long time what this Latin Mass is and isn't. My kids are very excited, I am nervous- just because I am worried they may become lost and not sit as still without knowing the language.  The church we are going to- it echo's something drops sound like thunder booming. BUT I feel like this is necessary part of my growth as an adult Catholic, who is constantly being reconverted- believe me I have had quite a few reconversions.

  I remember playing as a child with my comrades on the playground before we could be "caught" playing Mass and reprimanded by the teacher, we said that High Mass was at noon. Where did I learn that term High Mass from? I never attended a High Mass in my life, let alone understood what one was. That is my only memory of anything at all related to the old mass. And the only reason I recalled that childhood memory was because I recently learned that there is a High Mass and Low Mass.

 So go ahead take the time to at least read through those documents above if you have been poking around already wondering and want something concrete and authoritative- they are short and easy to read.  Oh and I read this inspiring quote as well.  Pope Saint John XXIII said about the value of Latin, "The Catholic Church," he explained, "has a dignity far surpassing that of every merely human society, for it was founded by Christ the Lord. It is altogether fitting, therefore, that the language it uses should be noble, majestic, and non-vernacular" (Veterum Sapientia, On the Promotion of the Study of Latin).

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