Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy feast dayS weekend! And short picture review of Roses in the Snow A Tale of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend! There were two great feasts to celebrate.  St. Francis de Sales who is a doctor of the Church was on Saturday- do you know after his death how a little French nun who was his good friend (like Clare and Francis), St. Jane de Chantal was blessed by his dead hand which appeared to come back to life? It was witnessed by many in her convent and they still have her veil. 
 Then today was the Feast of St. Paul's conversion. Today's second reading really strongly demonstrated how radical his conversion was, "let those who have wives act as not having them," (1 Cor. 7:29 -31). Thank goodness my husband didn't act differently after Mass! lol  Anyway if you let those words sink in it really does make you wonder at his change of heart and how crazy and burning his thoughts of Jesus must have been. Here's a song about his conversion- love it, The Road to Damascus by Kevin Heider. review.
We love our new book about St. Elizabeth of Hungary! I wished I would have had it last fall during her feast day.  But the snow in the pictures will do you just as well, to make you want to cuddle up and read with your kids. It's really cute and the water color pictures are beautiful, it has some ethnic words which might tongue tie you but that's one things I love about books- we learn something new! (I will say I knew one of the words already) Same author and illustrator as Saint Felix and the Spider. I am hoping those two keep coming out with some more books, Lydia Grace Kadar-Kallen's pictures seem to pair well with Dessi Jackson's story telling, sort of like peanut butter and jelly, which I can say from personal mom experience always go well together ;)
My favorite part of these books, is that they never overpriced! Right now it happens that Roses in the Snow A Tale of St. Elizabeth of Hungary is on sale for $7.99  and both books have free shipping, I think I bought mine for a dollar more, so it's good that it dropped.

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