Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our Latin Mass experience

Let me say- WOW!  Today we did our first ever Latin Mass so I am going to give you my reaction...WOW! Did you write that down? First let me say that the music is beautiful- I haven't the slightest clue if it's like that every time, but wow- it's deep, resounding, reflective and Latin.. the music definitely raises the level of formalness of the Mass. Then there are 7? altar servers. The procession into the church is beautiful. What really got me was the majestic consecration- talk about something truly beautiful to behold. Now I am not saying our English masses aren't worthy or anything of that sort, but this was just done differently. And surprisingly enough my kids paid attention, we didn't find ourselves lost because the missals were in English side by side with the Latin. We also loved the veils. My daughter loved her veil and since then she has been dancing around all day with it. She held really still though for mass- it's almost like the veil forced the wiggles to halt for awhile. Veils are beautiful- bottom line, they are fun to wear and ultra feminine.
 Not everyone's experience will be the same as mine**I came from a church where the procession was always delayed almost every mass and it appeared to be a circus of confusion each time because the pastor was doing other things apparently, he would even stop mass and walk out into the parking lot frequently and we would sit and wait. Who am I to judge if he had legitimate stuff going on, but I will say I had never in my entire cradle Catholic life been to a mass where that ever happened once and this was a weekly thing. I can say that the priest did bring our marriage into the church and brought my husband to an understanding...that he was was very good at. And I am ever extremely thankful! He had some good jokes too ;)

Oh remember about two years ago when the changed some of the words in our English liturgy, like the "And with your Spirit"? I see why they needed to now- everyone who reads the missal would be able to see it and say "oh yea I get it- duh," You don't need to be a Latin whiz to know that line if you saw it for the first time, makes you wonder why they took so long actually.

Don't wait around, go see for yourself! Make a trek to a Latin Mass.

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