Thursday, January 1, 2015

St. Basil's feast day

 (be sure to read how to use up left over batter from today's feast day to use for St. Basil's feast day)

I love jello, my kids and hubby love jello..what's shaking?  Anyway, try this jello jewel cake from Catholic Icing sometime. It's really easy to make this time of year, because if you set your pans of jello outside on the frozen concrete your jello is done in about three hours. We always have jello to use up, I am not sure why I buy so much of it, but we always have it on hand. 

my helpers

The white filler between the jello pieces. Two packets of unflavored gelatin and a can of condensed sweetened milk.

This pan is sitting outside on the concrete ;) I'll bring it in when I hit the hay and stick it in the fridge. I will frost if over with Cool Whip tomorrow.

Lucky for me Catholic Icing posted this cupcake idea today earlier when I was making my Fleur-de-lis cake for today's feast day. I had extra batter we were going to make into cupcakes so we mixed sprinkles in with them to make them more jewel like and after they cooled added the Lifesavers and I frosted them. (It was perfect timing reading that post- thank you Catholic Icing for two great ideas!)

I slit the cupcakes open with a regular table knife and then squeezed the cupcake a little and then pushed the lifesaver down inside- they didn't make too big of hole.

Knox said he is going to eat two muffins @ "muffins"


  1. Glad the post wasn't too late to help you out. Love the pictures! :-)

    1. I apparently don't know how to use my blog and sorry for however many reply comments you are getting! lol Yes, it was just in time- I love when stuff falls in place like that! AWESOME!


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