Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free book from the Great Plains Nature Center and our Fifty State Fun Swap- free Facebook group.

Let me start off!
Happy Feast of St. Blaise!
I know I promised a book, but you will have to scroll through to see it ;)

So you want to know what we have been working on here? I received a message about this cool FB group that swaps educational materials about their home states, seven participants in each state. This amazing woman did some spreadsheet magic gave us each 7 addresses and our assignment is to send out 7 manila envelopes full of our states info. I will be honest I was ready to drop out because I was worried I wouldn't have time. But I am so glad I didn't now! Check out what we put in our Kansas envelopes.

We went to the Wichita Art Museum and found postcards and Kansas Heritage Stickers, as well as these art stickers which were only $2! We study paintings in our homeschool curriculum. I was impressed my kids knew Mary Cassatt when they saw her painting! The Art Museum is free on Saturdays by the way...they have this awesome bridge- I will post a picture later of that.

I knew our Great Plains Nature Center would have tons of Kansas stuff, especially since Kansas Day was last week. We visited and this is the stuff we got.

free posters from the Great Plains Nature Center

These Kansas Pride books came from a recycling pile... guess one person's trash is my educational treasure. The art work is a freebie from our Art Museum.

Kansas Pride booklets

 And for the finale, we got these beautiful books at the GPNC, this totally awesome free book, with paintings, poems, jokes and artwork by Kansas kids.

It was published for free through a grant the GPNC received. They chose artwork from Kansas kids, tons of kids from the Wichita area, homeschooled and public and private schools and published their amazing artwork. It's very detailed. We were immediately inspired by their beautiful art! Please take the time to go pick one up and make sure you give them a good donation! They run completely off donations. And the books are free!

There are 26 animals featured and over 57 pages, it's worth and afternoon trip there regardless of the book. We always see foxes, and deer and turkeys every time we go, we are never disappointed.

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