Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord! Candlemas fun!

I like to think I am a crepe connoisseur since I traveled to France, and my mom who is a French teacher and lived there used to make them for us growing up. We have plenty of eggs around here too! Crepes happen to be a traditional breakfast food served on Candlemas. My kids love them, everyone pitched in too, I was thinking this morning how grown up they are getting. Then tonight, we made some cute candles from Pirouettes and Keebler Fudge cookies.

making the whipped cream

I love hand beaters because they are simple and effective enough a 2 year old can beat something.

Thin is key to a good crepe.

Genna is watching Brenden scarf down his crepe and fruit

Ok now it's her turn.

For the candles with drip plates- which are found on Catholic Cuisine's website

you need these ingredients, red and orange sprinkles, marshmallows, white melting chocolate, Pepperidge Farms Pirouettes, Keebler Fidge Stripes cookies

Cut the marshmallows in half on the diagonal. That exposes the sticky inside which you will rub into the orange and red sprinkles for the flame.

Then slide your Pirouette into the fudge cookie, I had to twist a table butter knife in the slightly to make them fit with our breaking them off. Then you add some melted white chocolate around the bottom to seal it in place (can skip this step if your cookies are fitting tight)

stick your flame on top with some chocolate after you drip some chocolate down the sides.

They don't have to be perfect candles! Just let your kids have fun!

Yummy Yummy! These would be great also for celebrating St. Blaise's feast day tomorrow.

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