Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I have no idea where you all live...but if you can attend Fr. Philippe's talks- GO!

If you ever have a chance to go hear Fr. Jacques Philippe talk at a parish mission- go! But don't just go for one night, go for the whole thing- his talk is split into several nights- but it's the same continuous talk though if that makes sense- so he picks up where he left off.  Try and make the whole thing- you might miss something. It's worth it, even if the drive is longer- his schedule is here. I've taken my kids along twice now to two different parish retreats, one had child care and (they all caught the flu after it was done along with the other kids), and this last one they sat quietly and colored and played next to me in the church pew, (its amazing what can happen if you let yourself just go and not worry, the Holy Spirit will see to things.) Fr. Philippe speaks straight to the heart, and no matter what state of life you are in, his content will pertain to you....something he has to say will touch you or open you up more to the Holy Spirit to do it's work.
 His books are short and easy to read, he doesn't talk over your head. Read one of his short books as well before you go (at both parish missions they handed out his books for free), they can be completed in an evening after kids fall asleep.  
If you want to listen to a podcast from the first parish mission retreat I went on in 2013 click here (if it doesn't take you straight to his podcast, go to page ten on the menu it should land you close- the date is from 11/19/13, 11/20/13 and 11/21/13.)  He is somewhat limited in being able to visit with you individually since his English is not as good as his French! Don't forget to ask for his blessing ;)

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