Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lilla Rose, why you don't have to have SAHM hair...you know what I mean!

  Okay, how many of you actually do your hair every day? Oh be honest....if you shower, do you take the time to style it? My sister tells me she doesn't wash her hair but once a week...yea, I can't do that. But seriously? I hate to lump SAHM and homeschool mom's in a group...but well...we tend to lack cute hair- there I said it, it's a stereotype. It's not our fault though! lol WE ARE BUSY! And that's an UNDER exaggeration.  Pony tails up, or we just let it hang and forget styling it- you know the natural look- it air dries and we don't bother to straighten or curl it. Ever wish you could get rid of the rubber bands?
  We neglect ourselves, we put ourselves last. Period.  Oh makeup? Don't get me going on makeup...lol.  In general people are going to make some assumptions based on your appearance, you should look put together and tidy...a lot of us don't care anymore, we stopped caring after that first baby came long. Have you ever thought about how untidy/unkempt appearances can affect the evangelization of others? ( learned about that from my sister who was a FOCUS missionary) Just a thought...And we are constantly being scrutinized because we do things so different.

  Anyway... moving on. Have you guys tried these hair products yet? THEY ARE AWESOME. They work in all hair types, baby fine to thick, and all lengths. If you hate doing your hair, or just don't have any extra

time, but want to sort of look like you did something...these will do it. They work. They work so well and they stay in. You can get rid of the rubber bands! I am promoting these because I use them and so does my daughter. I liked them so much I went back after I purchased 2 (one for me and one for Genna) of them and became and consultant- they have a good deal for $49 to start up your business and that includes 5 flexis along with some other things! And that's a good deal when you do the math! I am excited because THEY WORK. I wish I could lend one to all my mommy readers and friends to try out. Send me your concerns and questions whether it be cost, sizing, hair types, durability..etc.. Oh they are warrantied too..yea I was shocked too. Have a wonderful week! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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