Sunday, February 1, 2015

St. Brigid's Feast day

I love St. Brigid- maybe because my daughter dresses up as her for the St. Patrick's day parade every year and walks with Kansan's for Life, or maybe because we are Irish, or maybe because I love that St. Brigid loves chickens and milk and cheese and all those yummy things you grow on the farm- ask her pray for God to bless you pantry too, or maybe because she appreciated good beer ;) and knew what true hospitality was,  or maybe because of the awesome song by Kevin Heider- (check out the file for his songs below, there is a song for the Feast of St. Pauls's conversion, St. Brigid, Irish Blessing, Guardian Angel song and he has so many good ones, they are so beautiful and just awwww....reach into your heart and make you feel good about being Catholic. My friend Michelle introduced me to his music).  Anyway I digress, how many reasons do you need to celebrate this holy woman? 

Bake some bread already! {This year we are trying this recipe from Catholic Cuisine.}

And...the house smells great! 

Here's a Litany on Catholic Culture's website to use for the feast of this great Irish woman.  Here's her famous poem about the "Lake of Beer"- I hope the link works, read by Norin Ni Riain. Her Irish accent just puts it over the top.

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