Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine card making

There seems to be nostalgia around here when we get out the big box of valentine's supplies.My mother in law shops at Hobby Lobby and so do you can imagine what we have collected after a lot of good sales.  You wouldn't want to run out of stickers or doily's in the middle of some crazy card making! This was what we were not using, there was more we weren't using, I just didn't bother with it.

This is the mess we create every year. Making Valentine's for those sweet little old grandma's and aunties ;) and may be a few other special people. 22 home made Valentine's in all- we keep it as faith centered as possible. I haven't found St. Valentine stickers yet... but I have a sticker machine and I might be working on that soon. Next week we will work on our party stuff we will have with our friends.

I print off an image of St. Valentine and a prayer along with his feast day info- it helps people to know he was a real person.

We make cards for most major Feasts/secular holiday- like St. Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Veteran's Day, all birthdays and baptismal days and this year we even participated in card making for the seminarians of our Diocese our friend Corrine set up- we even got responses from some of the seminarians. Corinne allowed me to bring in my ridiculous piles of stickers and card stock- it was great, I left with less! LOL- my mother-in-law is a card maker and she always finds and sends us the best card making/crafting supplies.

 I think we average about 3-4 hours making them- that's with all our little distractions. It's quite a labor of love in the end for me and them, it's hard to keep them on task and they get tired of card making. But every time at the end, we admire our beautiful cards and They like to individually pick where each one is going. It's so cute how they fuss. I hope that the people who get them can feel how much love my kids put into them. 

Off to the post office with these- they should be on time!
 Here's my other Valentine's day posts below. Be sure and check Catholic Icing for her cute crafts-most of which we have done! There are also lots and lots of cute Catholic and Faith centered Valentine's out there on the internet you can print for your kids- it's sort of nice as opposed to the stuff we find in stores.

2014 V-Day
I will pick up your bandannas

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