Monday, February 23, 2015

Wichita Art Museum

We went to the Wichita Art Museum quite a while back and I have been wanting to share these cute pictures, and I keep forgetting. They are free on Saturdays by the way. They do house and original Mary Cassatt too, for all you believers in classical education.

The large glass formation above them is quite a wonder 

walking over a plexi glass bridge with real glass art underneath your socked feet.

The bridge was definitely the highlight and they just wanted to crawl everywhere on it. You have to remove your shoes and there is a weight limit of course. You can see from under the bridge when you walk in the front doors to the museum. They really didn't find much else that interesting there, but they did get excited about some of the paintings- which I was glad to know their classical art lessons are sort of sticking with them.

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